Hollywood is changing. Bigger is not always better.

Better Half Entertainment is comprised of a husband and wife duo who have been partners in business and life since 2008.

Erin Mazzei

Writer | Executive Producer | Creative
A budget-savvy proverbial Jill-of-all-Trades, she is known for her unparalleled eye for detail and ability to do anything she sets her mind to. With a bachelor's degree in Business Marketing from Cal Poly SLO, Erin has spent the previous two decades in the events, hospitality, and customer service industries as an audacious entrepreneur in her own right. She works quickly and efficiently with a history of developing, producing and executing all projects beyond expectations. Erin's innate writing abilities paired with her acute sense of empathy add depth and character to any story.


Who We Are

Like any partnership, both Erin and Chris offer their strengths to better the whole. Chris' "big picture" mentality provides vision, structure and a sense of the overall objective on any given project. He is quick to the draw and an out-of-the-box thinker. Erin on the other hand, is meticulous, managing all of the specific details and ensuring everything is as it should be, if not better. Together, their emphasis is on creating and developing character driven stories that are authentic and relatable to a mainstream audience.

What We Do

We do a great number of things, mostly centered on the pre-production process. In a general sense, we formulate ideas around a concept, script writing and development, then put together a team to produce the content to see it come to life. We help with planning and logistics, hiring directors, cast and crew, and can also assist with post-production.


Family comes first. We are not only a couple, but we are also parents to two wildly imaginative boys who drive us to be the best version of ourselves every day. This is our legacy. May we make them proud.
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